Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Art and Beauty Tuesday--John Atkinson Grimshaw

Today's Art and Beauty Tuesday is Under the Harvest Moon by John Atkinson Grimshaw.  In this painting light from the unseen moon illuminates the fields, thus, extending the harvest, which is how the harvest moon got its name.

I love how the three-fold path on the right side of the painting is lit up by the moon.  It almost looks like the light is from within the path itself.  This brightly lit trinitarian path remind me that the Blessed Mother is said to be like the moon because she reflects the light of Christ.

This blog doesn't do Grimshaw's painting justice because the light from the moon spreads out across the entire painting like tinsel on a Christmas tree and yet, the eye is drawn back to the three paths converging on the hay bale on the right side of the picture.

Click here to see it larger at the Art Renewal Center.


TACParent said...

To me it appears the three paths converge into one, leading me to think that many paths can lead to the same destination. I agree, it does appear that the light comes from within. It also reminds me that even in the night there is light.

Dymphna said...

Great interpretation!

Barbara said...

Impressive work. I would never have thought to paint the moonlight. Hmmm...giving me an idea for a photograph to capture someday.

Dymphna said...

I bet it will be gorgeous!

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