Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Art and Beauty Tuesday--A Shady Spot

This painting, A Shady Spot on a Summer's Day by Henry William Banks Davis, really made me think of the cows that live up the street from us and huddle under the tree that boarders the stream they drink from.  I love looking at them when I drive by, especially the babies.  In spite of the title, what I notice in this painting is the light.  Everywhere there seems to be light.  And, in spite of the proliferation of light, Davis really turns up the amperage on the stream where the water blindingly reflects the sunlight.  This definitely captures the heat of midsummer.


TACParent said...

I like the golden hue.

Dymphna said...

It is pretty, isn't it?

Barbara said...

This is so rich and warm. I love the way he portrayed the light coming through the trees and shining on the grass.

Dymphna said...

Me too.

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