Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Obligatory gas price post

It's time for me to complain about gas prices again. The other day, I put $15 worth of gas in my car and got a whopping 5 gallons worth of gas. That is just sad.

I've said it before and I'll say it again--we SHOULD HAVE learned from the gas "crisis" in the 1970's! The fact that companies are still making, and people are still buying, vehicles like Humvees says a lot about our power of denial. Why in the world would anyone *need* to buy such a vehicle? Why are we still *making* vehicles like this and not making vehicles that run on something other than gasoline?

Having said that, though, I have little faith that when we do come up with an "affordable" alternative power source, the price of that power source won't quickly become as unaffordable as gasoline is today.


Unknown said...

I sooooo agree! My husband always talks about this too.

Staying in Balance said...

Was gas much more expensive in Australia, Carmel? I know its much higher in Europe.

Anonymous said...

we drive a suburban, but I have six children and none are old enough to drive. Pro life, big family, gas guzzler. Of course, we don't go many places any more. Not at $75 for half a tank!

Staying in Balance said...

I was just thinking about that part of the issue the other day, Anonymous. What do "lotsa" families do if all the cars end up being small cars? We'll have to keep some vans around!

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