Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Random spring thoughts

It's a beautiful spring day. It is a day for fulfilling one of my long held dreams--to take a restful nap outside. Spring is the time to do these kinds of things. I wanted to blog about how beautiful it is outside, when I realized that I feel a bit...dishonest in not being able to show you actual pictures from the actual outside at this very moment.

I think I should perhaps, upgrade my cell phone, which currently is a very basic model, to include a camera and learn how to upload pictures to my blog. Being someone who shrinks from change, though, I hesitate. I've had this phone so long, that they probably owe me 2 or 3 upgrades by now. Plus, I would like a phone that would not cause me undue anxiety in learning to use it. After all, I am closer to 50 now than I am to 40. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


Anonymous said...

"I am closer to 50 now than I am to 40"

links arms and sings...sisters, sitters la la la LOL!

Your daffy friend,


Anonymous said...

GRRRR at my TYPO's...s'posed to read sisters, SISTERS grr lol



Staying in Balance said...

LOL, Marie! I read it as "sisters" anyway!

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