Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Who was supposed to die?

The Wall Street Journal reports that (maternal) deaths have occurred using the prescribed drug Mifeprex to terminate early pregnancies. It seems that some Planned Parenthood facilities have been administering the drug vaginally instead of orally as recommended.

I guess we *don't* need abortion to be illegal to have deaths from botched procedures done by incompetent providers. Death by incompetence would surely have shut down any other type of facility, but, unfortunately, not Planned Non-parenthood. Where are the lawyers ready to sue PP within an inch of its life (or is it death...)? Where is the public outcry? Have we become so insensitive to the abortion death facility that is Planned Barrenhood, that deaths there don't matter anymore? Perhaps a few maternal deaths will wake up this country to what happens there every day--women are pressured into having abortions and killing the life that is already within them while many others have to go overseas to adopt the children they so desperately want.

[Thanks so much to the Curt Jester and his readers for this story.]

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