Tuesday, January 03, 2012

What do I consume?

I've been thinking lately, during the Consecration at Mass about being consumed by God and consuming God.  In the Eucharist, we consume our Lord. When we feel an overwhelming love for someone, such as a small child, we often use food-related imagery:  "I could just eat you up."   At Mass, God asks us to consume Him so that he can consume us.  We become one.

Now that we are "coming down" from the Christmas season, we may want to ask ourselves, "What do I consume? Am I focused on things, on myself, my worries and my pain or am I focused on my inner hunger for oneness with my Creator?"

As a New Year's resolution, why not shift focus to our creator who is "everywhere present and fills all things", yet is not visible to our naked eye except in the faces of our fellow human beings?  Pray for an awareness of God's presence as you go through your day.

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