Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Poetry Wednesday--Peter Meinke

This poem shows that no matter how much we try to surprise God with our "creations" we fail. The poem surprises *us* in a delightful way and God is only surprised by our attempts to create perfection.

The Poet, Trying to Surprise God

The poet, trying to surprise his God
composed new forms from secret harmonies,
tore from his fiery vision galaxies
of unrelated shapes, both even & odd.
But God just smiled, and gave His know-all nod
saying, "There's no surprising One who sees
the acorn, root, and branch of centuries;
I swallow all things up, like Aaron's rod.

So hold this thought beneath your poet-bonnet:
no matter how free-seeming flows your sample
God is by definition the unsurprised."
"Then I'll return," the poet sighed, "to sonnets
of which this is a rather pale example."

"Is that right?" said God. "I hadn't realized...."


Michele said...

oh this is really good!:) made me smile:)

Staying in Balance said...

Thanks! I'm not sure how this and the Art and Beauty Tuesday has come up already when the date is January. Oh well!

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