Saturday, March 31, 2007

Palm Braiding

What to do with the palms we will receive on Palm Sunday? Why not join the tradition of Palm Braiding? The braided palms are often placed behind crucifixes, icons and holy pictures throughout the home.

This website gives directions on various types of palm braiding.

Of course, we could get ambitious and make a bouquet of palms for Our Lord! This one was made by Cathy T. over on the Delphi NFP board.


Anonymous said...

I've seen links to sites that show how to weave a crown a thorns out of palm leaves but alas - I am all thumbs.

Innocent said...

I'd like to experiment, but this year I went to a different parish, out of necessity, and I didn't know about the practices there. Apparently, it's a huge rush to the palms - first come, first served! I was waiting at the end of the line, thinking there would be enough. But what happened was that, at this church, almost each person takes seven to ten palms. Finally, only one was remaining, and I got it! LOL!

Innocent said...

By the way, thanks for the link to the website!

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