Tuesday, September 26, 2006

One can only hope.


mk said...

i think I heard years ago that he did not want to run for prez bcz his wife has a severe social anxiety order....if so...more reason for dyphmaswell to pray for them.....i think i remember he was not all that gung ho on war either.

Charley said...

mk is right on the relevent issues - has he changed his mind?

Staying in Balance said...

MK--I've heard that he didn't want to run either. That's why my title was, "one can only hope"! I think he'd make a great president because he's actually "been there" when it comes to military issues.

So, Charley, no, this isn't an "announcement" that he's running. I just wish he were.

Staying in Balance said...

Oh, MK--I didn't know his wife had social anxiety disorder. I'll definately remember her in my prayers.

mk said...

let him and condi run and let the cards fall where they may. Its time we let the mantel fall on the the shoulders of the truely deserving and not on the white male gravy train. (yes, I have PMS and no I didnt really totally mean it but I do hate to see the "haves" not prevent the "have nots" from really making a difference).
Let the mantel of leadership fall on those willing to stoop low enough to pick it up. (wow, I just made that up-not bad...)Elisha begged for a double portion of Elijahs spirit when he was taken up to heavan in a firey chariot. Do we pray "swing low, seet chariot" whe we should be stooping low to pick up the mantel of the person who can no longer do the job!?!?

Staying in Balance said...

"Its time we let the mantel fall on the the shoulders of the truely deserving."

I can only add--Amen and Amen!!

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