Thursday, July 13, 2006


Now that my son is taller than I am, I reserve the right to no longer be brave about creepy crawlies and things that go bump in the night--or at times, during the daylight hours.

The other day, I noticed the BIGGEST, UGLIEST SPIDER I HAVE EVER SEEN in our bathroom. Needless to say, I asked dh to "get it" which he obligingly did.

I was letting the dog out this evening and thought I saw our tabby cat out by my parked car. Then I realized it was not our cat, but a raccoon.


In the daytime.

On our property.

This gave me the creeps.

I quickly pulled the dog in and shut the door. The raccoon is still sitting under a bush, behind my car in the driveway, and I'm not going anywhere.


Anonymous said...

Is he gone yet?

Staying in Balance said...

Oh, sort of. I saw him crossing the street and then coming back, and then crossing the street again. I pray he is gone permanently!!

mk said...

alot of creepy crawly things in fed gov buildings lately..... really bad, due to the BIG BUG under my desk...and another contractor and I are only at that desk two days a week so the rest of the week they can TAKE OVER. HUGE. And in a meeting people were complaining that the bugs were found in the microwave and IN the fridge. And since most everyone takes the option of flex schedules there was NO DCW (darling coworker) to rescue me. I trained my DD to kill spiders for me at age 3!!!!!

Staying in Balance said...

You would have LOVED this spider I saw in the bathroom the other day!! But, from the sounds of it, its not the quantity of the things you are putting up with at work! :0

Renaud said...

well, as a French, I didn't know what is a raccoon.
Google Image helped me, but how bad is this animal? It looks gentle, isn't it?
Sorry for the spider: in a white bathroom, it looks twice more horrible...

Staying in Balance said...

Normally I would be fascinated with a raccoon, but they are prone to getting rabies--which is a very dangerous disease. Also, if they get too tame, they can do much damage to your property.

Unknown said...

I react just as you do, I can't stand spiders, although I have never seen a racoon before. I hope he is long gone!

Staying in Balance said...

This spider was the Grand-daddy of all spiders! Huge is not even the word for it! Yuk!!

I was more freaked that the raccoon was out during the day (their nocturnal) than anything.

Anonymous said...


Sorry but that's hilarious!!! Hahahahhahhahaa!!!!

I remember a few years ago having two HUGE hairy huntsmen run UNDER my bed. I quickly and with great calm proceeded to BALL my eyes out and SCREAMMMM at the top of my lungs. Then I had the sense to grab two shoes and put a hat on my head! A hat on my head, why a hat?
Heck two HUGE spiders...I had LOST MY MIND by then!!!!

ROFLOL hahahahhahhaha!!! Sorry 4hischurch...but man YOUR FUNNY!! LOL!PS: I will be checking UNDER my bed tonight LOL

Staying in Balance said...

The sad thing is, marie, that I was quite brave when ds was little. Not any more!

Doctor Mom™ said...

Spiders are nothing... wait until you have a pocket full of leaches that he forgot to return to the plastic container... or when you open the fridge, you see disposable plastic container full of wax worms!

Staying in Balance said...

Wow-doctormom--sounds like you lead an interesting life!

Jennifer said...

We have raccoons in our neighbourhood. I have seen them a few times at night.

The creepiest thing at my house was a rat last year. Ds came home from school all excited he was going to catch the "mouse" and keep it as a pet. I ran outside after him to ensure he didn't get bit by some rabies infected thing. Turned out it wasn't a mouse but a RAT. It turned on my neighbour but he was able to kill it before it jumped at him.

I still wonder...I read Pet Cemetary. LOL.

Staying in Balance said...

Aaaaaa, a Rat?!?!? Yuk!!! Glad it was done away with before it could do harm to you or your ds.

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