Saturday, June 10, 2006

Some thoughts on pride

I came across a very telling article on the Pride.

It is said that pride is the root of all sin and can take many, often unrecognizable forms.

Pride can disguise itself as plain old self-centeredness which sometimes shows itself in being easily offended. Or it can be an obvious sense of superiority which shows itself in being overly critical.

On the other hand, pride can also manifest itself as self-pity and oversensitiveness which leads the person to resentment and anger.

Ambition can be a form of pride leading to such things as flattery and hypocrisy in an effort to "get ahead".

Spiritual vanity is a dangerous form of pride for those of us who are trying to follow God's way. If you find yourself being cynical of others and diminishing your own sins it may be spiritual vanity that is getting in your way.

Pride can also be embodied in two seemingly opposite traits--boastfulness, which is a feeling that others are inferior, and timidity where we are fearful of others’ opinions and cater to human respect rather than union with God.

When life gets difficult for "no reason", pride is such a far-reaching vice, that it bears looking at as a possible area of growth.

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