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Book Review--Franklin and Lucy

Franklin and LucyFranklin and Lucy by Joseph E. Persico
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

"Franklin and Lucy" by Joseph E. Persico brings together all the currently available information on Franklin Roosevelt's relationship with Lucy Mercer, with whom he had an affair prior to being stricken with polio. It also highlights his relationship with all the other "special" women who surrounded him throughout his life.

I was especially heartened that this author included Anna Roosevelt, FDR's daughter, among the voices he includes. Two of FDR's sons, Elliott and James, have both written books about their famous father, but know of none written by Anna about her parents. Many books gloss over her point of view, but this one does not.

The only thing I would change would be the use of the word "cripple" near the end of the book. While I realize that "cripple" was a term used at the time, the book is not from that time period. The author should have found a more apt description for his conclusion.

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