Friday, August 10, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

1)  Mark Shea has had a number of good articles about the creeping police state occurring in the U.S. After posting one of his articles on Facebook, I immediately regretted it, as I was not up to respond to the condescending posts implying that I was "afraid" of the military and a racist (since my concern must be racially motivated against the current president.)

2)  The Register had a transcript of a speech given by  Archbishop Chaput about the unprecedented opposition to Christianity in the U.S. and how much of what is built into America's "ethos" goes against Catholic values.  Someone "gets it".

3)  I'm loving the Olympics--watching the BBC coverage online.  I don't have tv here and couldn't deal with the American coverage and commercials anyway. So far, my favorites are diving and BMX.  I didn't even know that BMX was an Olympic sport.  They look like Power Rangers in their colorful shirts and helmets.

4)  I joined the Y.  One day so far.  I'm loving the pool and the hot tub.

5) We had a bat in the house yesterday.  It was scary, scary.  My husband managed to catch it with gloved hands and set it free outside.  Vlad, our youngest and most impetuous of the cats, was insistent that he could jump up and catch this bat, which only added to my fear.

6) We are eagerly awaiting the birth of our grandson.  My daughter-in-law will be induced on Wednesday if she doesn't go into labor before then.

7)  In light of the emotionally weighty content of numbers one and two above, I would like to recommend A Trail of Flowers, and its companion blog, Moonflowers.  With breathtaking art, and beautifully wise quotes, it takes you away from the oppressive everyday and raises your spirit to the Divine.


Michele said...

Art always improves the mood. :) and speaking of art, i posted saint philomena (my patron saint) on my FB, and iam sure there will be lots of great feedback because she is one of the great saints!

the artwork of her is beautiful! i'll post a few on my blog that you'll like for sure:)

Staying in Balance said...

St. Philomena's is the name of the Catholic bookstore that we go to.

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