Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Art and Beauty Tuesday--Valeri Larko

I was impressed with this picture in terms of its realism but I wasn't going to use it until I decided to use Lovin' Spoonful's Summer in the City as yesterday's Music Monday.  I thought this picture went perfectly with the idea of Summer in the City with its depiction of the scene we often see when looking for a rest from a long summer drive.  I think maybe the thermometer under the Citgo sign should read a bit higher than a mere 99 though!

Oh yeah, and, notice the cheap gas prices!!


Anonymous said...

Wow, those were the days. I suppose when our Taco Bell looked like that, when I was working there in HS, the gas was that price. Hard to imagine now!

Dymphna said...

I know! Gas was about 75cents a gallon when I was in high school. Definitely under a dollar a gallon, I know.

Barbara Schoeneberger said...

That's a wonderful slice of Americana. Not to one-up anybody, but when I was in college in the late 60s, gas was 25 cents a gallon. I'd be happy if it would drop below $3 now.

Dymphna said...

It's awful that we consider $3 to be "cheap" gas!

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