Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Art and Beauty Tuesday--Harald Slott Moller

This charming painting is Morkenkaffen (which I think means morning coffee) by Harald Slott Moller.  It shows a beautiful woman pouring herself coffee near a sunny curtained window.

The pure white of her dress is continued in the white of the curtains, which frame both the window and the silver coffee urn.  The light and height are mimicked in the cream-colored clock that stands next to the chair that sits by the window.

The rest of the room is a typically dark interior of a pre-electric home.  The light from the window tells us that this woman is getting her energy, not only from the coffee, but from the outside world and from nature.

The clock reminds us that what seems antique to us actually existed inside time and was this young woman's daily life.


Barbara said...

A lovely painting. Sometimes looking at paintings, photos, or films set in earlier times allow us to get to the heart of living without distractions we might find in contemporary work.

Dymphna said...

There is so much to distract us today. There was much more that had to get done then, I think, just to feed one's self and live day to day.

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