Friday, May 27, 2011

Special Intention

Can you all please pray for my friend Michele's father, Chuck who has dementia?  She recently lost her mom and would like to storm heaven for a cure for her dad.

Thank you so much!


Carol@simple_catholic said...

Will pray very much for your friend's dad.

Barbara said...

Niacinamide, a version of B3 is known to reverse both dementia and Alzheimer's. Experiments used 250mg about 5 times a day at 2.5 hour intervals. It takes about 3 months on this regimen, but you might see results right away. Niacinamide is cheap. I buy it from Swanson Health Products.

With dementia you have nothing to lose in trying this. Just don't expect any MD to support you on this.

I wiped out terrible fibrofog in about 3 months, but I noticed improvement in myself in four weeks. Niacinamide breaks the blood/brain barrier.

Please try this. B vitamins are metabolized within hours so you can't OD on them and they don't build up in the body. Also, determine if side effects from other medications may cause dementia. I will pray that your father improves.

I wrote about this on my blog last year.

Dymphna said...

Thanks, Barbara. I will pass the info along.

Michele said...

i will talk to my dad's wife, and his doctor about this, thanks dymphna for passing on the info. much obliged to the op for it. my dad has a rare form of dementia called lewy body demetia. i don't know if it will help, but as i said, i will pass on the info. thanks gain.

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