Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Art and Beauty Tuesday--Larry Dyke

The Good Shepherd by Larry Dyke is a classic yet unusual rendition of the ancient title of Christ.  We see Jesus far off, with light shining from His face, in a style reminiscent of Rembrandt. Jesus leads His sheep through a beautiful pastoral valley, surrounded by a rocky mountain on one side, and a vegetation-filled hill on the other.

Christ always sees the way clear for us and will lead us through to the Light that is afar off.


Barbara said...

The use of light in this painting, to me, implies Jesus leading us to heaven if one takes light as the symbol for eternal life with God. We come out of the dark valley (Ps. 23)following the Lord.

Thanks for another lovely art work.

Dymphna said...

Yes, absolutely. Thank you so much for commenting.

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