Monday, May 23, 2011

Art and Beauty Tuesday--Ann Morton

Isn't this picture gorgeous?!  It is called Lilacs and Lace by Ann Morton.  Its photographic realism is breathtaking.  Morton includes many different textures, each one difficult to reproduce in oil paint on linen.

The beautiful white and purple lilacs catch our eye first, almost leading us to believe that the "lace" referred to in the title are the white lilacs themselves.  Then our eye is drawn to the the shiny little ceramic figure, whose delicacy and purple coloring perfectly compliment the lilacs.

As we marvel at its perfectly bright shininess, we realize that the lilacs are contained in a silver pitcher, perfectly rendered by Morton, reflecting the entire painting.

At last we find the lace, covering the table.  Morton paints the details of the lace, its color and wrinkles in amazing detail, drawing the whole picture together in what must be the most amazing and interesting still-life ever done.


Michele said...

it is indeed a lovely picture! :) sorry i haven't posted here in a while! its good to see you again!

Dymphna said...

Good to see you, Michele!

RAnn said...

Very pretty!

Dymphna said...

It really is, isn't it?

Barbara said...

Wow! Just Wow! I really envy the huge talent of painters like this. Thanks for introducing me to this painter.

Colleen said...

Beautiful picture. Thanks.

Dymphna said...

Talent of this magnitude really shows the beautiful creative power of God.

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