Saturday, January 29, 2011

Scripture Saturday--Good Lord, Deliver Them!

Today's Scripture Saturday is taken from Psalm 87, prayed for night prayer on Friday night, as the streets of Egypt were filling with protesters, defying their government's curfew.

Lord God, my saviour,
 I have cried out to you by day and by night.
Let my prayer come before you:
  turn your ear to my request.
You have taken my friends away from me:
  you have made me hateful in their sight,
  I am shut in, I may not go out.
My eyes are weak from my sufferings.
I have called to you, Lord, all the day;
  I have stretched out my hands to you.

Please pray for all the people of Egypt!!


David Marciniak said...

I am indeed praying. I worry for the little Christian community most especially. This is such a dangerous age for our brothers and sisters overseas.

Dymphna said...

Thank you, David.

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