Saturday, January 29, 2011

The BBC on Why Egypt Matters

Lots is happening in Egypt, traditionally one of the most stable countries in the Middle East.  Everything is up in the air right now, and who ends up taking power there has far reaching implications for the entire world.

One concern is that the Muslim Brotherhood could fill the power vacuum. Interestingly, on January 22, the Obama administration decided to lift the ban on their leader entering the United States, a complete turn around from last March, when it asked the courts to uphold the ban begun in the Bush years.

Click here for the BBC's concise analysis.

Hat tip to Fiftysomething, and Lisa Graas.


TACParent said...

My prayers for Egypt.

Dymphna said...

They really need prayers right now. Thanks.

Barbara said...

The entire Middle East is going to blow up right in front of our eyes. We so need to pray for an end to Islam.

Dymphna said...

Pray for people to see God as He is--Love itself.

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