Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Art and Beauty Tuesday--Rod Tryon

This 3-D sidewalk art is Koi Pond with Snake by Rod Tryon done for the International Art Festival in South Carolina.  It took about 25 hours to complete and was 10' by 14'.

Rod is a street painting artist represented by Art for After Hours.

I think these street "paintings" are a breakthrough in art on the scale of the ancient Greeks first discovering how to use perspective.  Unlike those upright works, these are on the ground, using such realism as to fool the eye and make you think you will fall into the koi pond or be bitten by the snake.


TACParent said...

I think I've seen other works of his ... if not him, someone very similar. Fascinating.

Dymphna said...

There are some really cool ones out there. Have you ever seen one in person?

Barbara said...

Amazing work. I'd love to have one of those painted in my yard. Of course, we'd have to pour the concrete first. Trompe l'oeil is always a delight.

Dymphna said...

It is isn't it?

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