Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Visit with Christmas Past

I wanted to share with you all this Vintage Christmas photo website that includes pics from prior to the 1920's to post World War II, and much more.

Worth a look down the lens of history.

The picture shown here is of my own Christmas Past circa the 1960's.


evanscove said...

Instead of specially made Christmas stockings, it looks like they just used ordinary socks. Well, why not? :-)

I didn't live back then, but those pictures help me enjoy my own Christmas.


Barbara said...

Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Those Christmas trees were huge back in the 1920s. Kids were satisfied with a lot less back then. I remember the Christmas in the 1950s when my brother and I both got used bikes. We were in heaven. Then we got a pogo stick and a basketball. It only took a little to make us happy.

RAnn said...

Thanks for joining us. Sorry about Mr. Linky--I just forgot it. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Dymphna said...

The stockings in the pic I have here were made by my grandmother for my parents and yes, they were regular socks that she embroidered on .

Kids were definitely satisfied with a LOT less then. When my son was 2 1/2, we got him a used three-wheel bike. Yard sales are great for that sort of thing.

TACParent said...

When I grew up we always had a live Christmas tree. Most years I remember buying it from our church. Though I don't have any pictures, I can still remember where we hung our stockings. Each one always had an orange, an apple, some nuts, and then a few other things. I can't imagine what my kids would think if an apple showed up in their stockings!

Dymphna said...

I always (or very nearly always) put an orange in the toe of dh and ds' stockings. I always heard it was a tradition from "way back" when getting an orange in the middle of winter was a big deal. I also read that it symbolized the bag of gold that St. Nicholas put in the sisters' stockings that hung by the fire to dry. The gold allowed them to marry (it was used as the dowry) so they didn't have to resort to prostitution to make a living.

Plus, it nicely rounds out the toe!

ckbasi said...

We were farmers in the '80s which means we lived my entire formative years on the verge of losing the farm. So we made do with a LOT less at Christmas than almost anyone else we knew. And I *still* thought it was weird to put fruit in stockings. I never, ever understood that until in adulthood someone pointed out that it *used* to be a luxury to have fruit out of season. LOL

Dymphna said...

It does seem odd these days, doesn't it? I love the tradition.

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