Saturday, December 18, 2010

Scripture Saturday--God is with us

Sunday's first reading is from the seventh chapter of Isaiah when he prophesies about the coming of Christ.

The Lord himself, therefore,
will give you a sign.
It is this: the maiden is with child
and will soon give birth to a son
whom she will call Immanuel,
a name which means “God-is-with-us."

I was struck, when I read it, with the everyday-ness of the text. The sign from Heaven is a maiden giving birth to a son--a common occurrence every day.

Isaiah says His name will be Immanuel, meaning God is with us.

Jesus proclaimed that The Kingdom of God is within you--the Kingdom of God is at hand. This is the message of the Messiah. No more waiting. No more striving after things that do not satisfy.

Jesus was born of a simple maiden in a feeding trough. He is our food. That is the Good News.

God is with us.


TACParent said...

"The Kingdom of God is within you ..." Imagine if we could keep those words constantly in our heart and in our heads how drastically our actions would change -- both towards ourselves and others.

Dymphna said...

Exactly. I think this was the central part of Jesus' message.

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