Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Art and Beauty Tuesday--Estremadoyro

I was thinking of Christ as our food when searching for this week's Art and Beauty Tuesday art work.The Bread Wicker by Luis Jose Estremadoyro is not a photograph, but a pencil drawing.

The setting of the still life is simple, but the detail is amazing. We see the nail in the wall, simple flowers (weeds, really) in the small vase and the free form loaves of bread sitting on the cloth lining the wicker basket.  A stray spoon sits on the corner of the table which is covered by a slightly wrinkled table cloth.  In the back, a crock sits behind the basket.  What might be in it?  Butter?  Honey?  

The simplicity and lack of idealization of the picture makes me think of the Nativity Fast, which is so "pushed against" by today's society.  It also brings to mind the utter simplicity in which Jesus was born and lived, and the stark honesty that he preached.

In these trying economic and political times, we must remember what is important and we must practice what Jesus preached.

We can do it with His help.  


TACParent said...

It is a simple yet detailed and somehow elegant picture. I think the crock holds cheese. But then why would there be a spoon? So perhaps honey or jam would be more fitting. I choose to believe the flowers/weeds are baby's breath. I keep wondering what was hanging on the nail. It would have been easy for the artist to leave it out of the picture if he desired. hmmmm

Dymphna said...

Oh, cheese! I didn't think of that--or jam! Both good ideas.

Somehow it didn't occur to me what *was* hanging on the nail--great idea to think the artist just took it off the wall.

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