Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Art and Beauty Tuesday--Gerhartz

The Journey Home by Daniel Gerhartz depicts a young man riding home behind 2 plow horses in the snow at sunset.  It made me think of our Advent journey--quiet, contemplative, sometimes in near darkness and bitter cold. But no matter how beautiful the light behind us, the Light is always with us to guide us.

Artistically, I think, even without the snow, there is something about that sky that would still evoke winter.  The way he depicts light--with an almost frozen aura around it--really shows not so much what cold looks like, as what it feels like. The very paint itself seems icy cold and unable to flow too freely.

The church in the background makes me think the driver is returning home from a Christmas service, to the warmth of a cup of hot chocolate by a roaring fire.

I hope he has found what he searches for.


TACParent said...

I think you described this picture perfectly. That is definitely a winter sky. It does appear the artist attempt was to make his strokes almost frozen and icy, doesn't it?

Dymphna said...

It really does.

Barbara said...

Such a beautiful painting. I'm glad today is sunny in southwest Missouri or I'd freeze just looking at it. Where do you find all these great paintings? I always learn something from visiting here. Thanks.

Dymphna said...

Thanks, Barbara. Most of the paintings, I get at artrenewal.org. They have great paintings there.

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