Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Poetry Wednesday--The Purple Cow

Here is a little video I made about The Purple Cow--one of my favorite poems!  Enjoy!


TACParent said...

Very cute. Do purple cows give grape juice? Just wondering.

Dymphna said...

Good point! I didn't think of that! :D

Barbara said...

I remember this from when I was a child. I love the silliness of it - there is a certain delight and humor in the concept of a purple cow. This poem is like a lot of Ogden Nash's poetry. Silly and fun. My parents had a book of Ogden Nash's poetry when I was growing up, but I don't know what became of it.

evanscove said...

That's cute. But why the long empty portion of the video clip?

Thanks. I didn't know who wrote that little rhyme. And I join TACParent in asking what purple cows produce. Purple milk? Grape juice? Grape soda? :-)


Dymphna said...

Gotta love Ogden Nash!

I think purple cows produce purple milk, myself.

The empty part of the vid is my fault. It was done a while ago.

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