Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Happy Birthday, Mary

Today is the day when the Church traditionally celebrates the birthday of the Virgin Mary.

I remember quite vividly, a story in my second grade reader about a family whose mom was mysteriously baking a pink, round cake, much to the delight of the children, although no one could figure out whose birthday it was. It turned out to be the birthday of the Blessed Mother.

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newguy40 said...

Thanks so much for your post.

I have been so blessed by Mary that I am a devoted Marian adherent.

I had to laugh at the title of your post too. At today's mass, after the homliy, our pastor had the congregation sing "Happy Birthday, Mary". I felt very glad to do so! Mary's birth is a reminder for us of the soon to be arrival of our Savior.

Ad Jesu par Mariam.

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