Monday, June 07, 2010

White Gloves and Saddle Shoes

Yesterday was a trip back in time for me.  Our parish had a Eucharistic procession for Corpus Christi and our pastor asked the recent first communicants to wear their first communion finery for the procession around the block.  Each little girl looked stunning; one even came complete with white gloves. This brought back memories of my mom making sure I got good use out of my Easter hat and white gloves by making me wear them to Mass for months afterwards.

One little toddler boy had on the most adorable pair of blue saddle shoes.  This, of course, brought back memories of my own saddle shoes that I wore each and every day to my Catholic high school.  Quite nerdy, even way back then, but also surprisingly comfortable.

Is it sadistic that I take such joy that these traditions are coming back in spite of my own lack of appreciation for and enjoyment of them at the time?


TACParent said...

My memory of saddle shoes isn't so warm and comfy. I had to wear mine for 12 years. I wouldn't call them comfortable, but they weren't uncomfortable either. Do you remember some of the seniors in highschool with duct taped shoes, trying to make them last until the end of the year??? Too funny. My white Easter bonnet was very uncomfortable too. Of course, in a house with four girls, it was most likely a hand-me-down, LOL.

Dymphna said...

My Easter bonnets were uncomfortable too. I guess saddle shoes were comfortable to me compared to dress shoes/heels, especially since I didn't have to wear them until I was in 10th grade. I wonder how many pairs I went through in that relatively short period of time?

Autumn said...

I think processions are lovely, I wish we had them here, but I've never seen one in my town :(
I have an award for you to collect, here:
God bless! A xx

Dymphna said...

Thanks, Autumn!!

Michele said...

a few years ago, i was privileged to be at a traditional Latin Mass where they had the first communion. i must say, ti was an experience iam not likely to forget anytime soon. it was beautiful.

RAnn said...

I don't remember if I wore white gloves for FHC or not, but I do remember getting a pair for marching in a parade with GS--our full dress uniform included them and I loved them!

Dymphna said...

It's amazing what comes back in style!

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