Sunday, April 18, 2010

Thought for the Day

I am amazed at what a cup of English Breakfast Tea and some protein can do for one's mood.

I am continually reminded that the British are on to something.


TACParent said...

The Chinese also consume a lot of tea for the health benefits. What kind of protein did you have?

Dymphna said...

Tea is definitely much better for you than soda and coffee. I think it was peanut butter and garbanzo beans. Not together!

Anonymous said...

The British are odd but they have innovated a great many things over the centuries. I guess that's why they almost conquered the globe?

Anyway there are many of their traditions we love - afternoon high tea being one. It is a great date for my wife and I when we go out for one of these. We are lucky to be close to Victoria BC, what I like to call "Little London"

Dymphna said...

I wish I lived there! Sadly, many of our "tea rooms" have closed here, due to the economy. There is one that remains open and is well worth going to. It is called Cross and Bluebird.

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