Saturday, April 24, 2010

Scripture Saturday

The sparrow herself finds a home
and the swallow a nest for her brood;
she lays her young by your altars,
Lord of hosts, my king and my God.
They are happy, who dwell in your house,
for ever singing your praise.

As they go through the Bitter Valley
they make it a place of springs
(the autumn rain covers it with blessings).
They walk with ever growing strength,
they will see the God of gods in Zion.

~Hebrews, Chapter 13

What a beautiful image! Even the birds find their home in the Lord's House! "They make it a place of springs.  The autumn rain covers it with blessings." Autumn rain can be chilling, but here, scripture is telling us that it "covers (us) with blessings."


TACParent said...

What an amazing picture! The birdies sure knew the safest place for their nest.

newguy40 said...

What a beautiful image indeed.

It reminds me of how we shelter with the cross. The cross as our home and high tower.

This one is a keeper. Thanks very much.

Dymphna said...

I tried to find a picture of a bird's nest inside a church, but couldn't. I imagined an old European church from the Middle Ages, or before, with a family of birds nesting above the high altar.

Marilena said...

well that photo is sweet:) what a cute little thing to do:) building a nest on the cross:) very sweet:)

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