Monday, March 08, 2010

Today's Nursery Rhyme

Pussy cat, pussy cat
wilt thou be mine? 
Thou shalt not wash dishes
nor yet feed the swine, 
but sit on a cushion 
and sew a fine seam
and feed upon strawberries, 
sugar and cream. 

I used to love this nursery rhyme as a kid. I told my dad that I wanted to "feed upon strawberries, sugar and cream" but I wasn't so keen on "sewing a fine seam". He assured me that such a life of luxury was unrealistic. I still don't like doing dishes (or sewing)!


TACParent said...

I know a great place to get strawberries and cream. When we get together next perhaps I'll take you there. And I can sew a seam, but it's not always pretty. Still works though.

Marilena said...

very nice post. funny that you showed a picture of a cat in your post. i just made a post about cats and dieting. its a serious issue with overweight cats. pop by canine felinity and have a look. while your at it, wish me luck!

Dymphna said...

Really, T? We'll definitely have to go there!

I'll stop by Marilena, and, good luck!

Marilena said...

your blog always looks beautiful!

Dymphna said...

Thanks, Marilena! Yours does too.

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