Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Prayer Request

I would like to ask prayers for my brother in law who is in the hospital with a broken jaw after falling off a ladder trying to get ice off his roof.

He will have surgery tomorrow morning and have his jaw wired shut for 6 weeks.

He has been out of work for about 7 months.

Thank you all!


Kindred Spirit said...

I will offer my prayers for your brother-in-law throughout this Lent, Dymphna. Almighty God surely has something very special planned for this soul: may our prayers help to bring it about.

Dymphna said...

Thank you, Kindred Spirit. Actually, he just converted not long ago, so I'd agree with you there!

TACParent said...

I will definitely pray for him ... for his jaw, for his other injuries, and for finding work.

Cindy said...

Yes, I will pray.

Dymphna said...

Thanks T and Cindy. He had surgery this morning. Dh will visit him tomorrow.

Marilena said...

i will gladly prayer for him. please also add myself and frank to your prayers as well. we are really having a hard time with finances right now. i posted it on the corner.
God bless your loved ones.

Dymphna said...

I'll pray for you too, Marilena. I hear you on the finances. Unfortunately, you are not alone in this.

Mary333 said...

I'm sorry to hear of your brother-in-laws broken jaw. That's a lot to go through for six weeks. What a huge suffering to unite with the Lord's during Lent. I will add Him to my prayers.

Dymphna said...

Thanks very much, Mary.

American History said...

your prayer touched me. I'm praying! I found this site helpful Check it; maybe it gives you a relief. God bless.

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