Monday, November 02, 2009

Music Monday--Heart

I've decided on a new feature here at the Well:  Music Monday.  Each Monday I'll post a YouTube vid of some sort of music.  Right at the moment, I'm on a bit of a nostalgic kick, probably due to this month of All Souls.  Anyway, the first song I'm going to highlight is How Deep it Goes by Heart, a 1970's girl band.  I think is one of their more underrated songs.  Nice love song.  Enjoy


Marilena said...

oh i love heart!! especially their song, "barracuda". really great band!!!good idea you got too:D

Cindy said...

Great idea. I remember Heart. Showing my age now.

Dymphna said...

Heart was a cool band. I first heard this song at a party when they were playing the Dreamboat Annie album. It really appealed to the poet in me!

TACParent said...

You know, I must say, I don't remember this song. But, "Barracuda," as mentioned by Marilena ... that's one that will never leave my head. Looking forward to future Music Monday posts.

Dymphna said...

I would never have heard it had someone not been playing the album at a party I went to in HS. I really think its a beautiful song.

I seem to have hit on a good idea for a weekly post, though, and I'm glad!

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