Monday, October 05, 2009

Return to the Hundred Acre Wood

I heard on the radio today that there is an authorized sequal to the 83 year old Winnie the Pooh series.  David Benedictus (who could ask for a cooler name?!) has been authorized by the estate of A.A. Milne to write Return to the Hundred Acre Wood.

The book has a few changes.  There is a new character. Lottie the Otter is a bossy, pearl-wearing female otter.  Christopher Robin is older and Eeyore is a bit less depressed--more proactive, Benedictus says.  

Whether Benedictus' attempt is as well written as the original remains to be seen.  Whether today's children (and their parents) would be drawn to a children's book as well written as the original Winnie the Pooh books were, is another question altogether.  The balance is tricky to maintain.  

I would love to get a copy of this new book outlining Christopher Robin's adventures now that he is a school boy.  Perhaps it is time to Return to the Hundred Acre Wood.


TACParent said...

This sounds intriguing.

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