Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Who is Your Saint for the Year?

Fall is in the air (or at least it was yesterday).  Soon we will be celebrating Christ's birth and the start of a new year.  Marilena has once again generously offered to handle distribution of a Saint for the Year.  At your request, she will give you a specific saint for the year 2010.  You can learn about this saint, read about their life, and try to emulate their particular virtues while asking them to pray for your specific intentions. 

Go to Saint Philomena's Garden and leave Marilena a message in her combox.  She will send your saint's name to you via your blog. 


Marilena said...

i love that picture, Our Lady of Fatima i believe? :) i posted your patron saint in your poetry post. lol. didn't see this one.

Dymphna said...

Yes, that's Our Lady of Fatima. I had a hard time finding a saint standing in front of Fall foliage, but I agree, this one is beautiful.

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