Sunday, August 23, 2009


This really should be a Quick Takes post, but by Friday I won't remember to include it, so here it goes.  As I mentioned on a previous Quick Takes, I have a new laptop.  The keys are dark and so is my house most of the time.  Also, the little raised bumps that are supposed to be on the "F" and "J" keys are so small I can hardly feel them, so I'm having a hard time finding the home keys accurately.  For someone who works as a transcriber, this can present a problem! 

So, I decided to use my round, puffy (or "domed" as I discovered they are called) alphabet stickers.  I put an f on the "F" key and a j on the "J" key, and I'm all set!

Not exactly Steam Punk, but much easier! 


TACParent said...

So when/where did you get the puffy stickers? Glad you hung on to them with all your decluttering.

Dymphna said...

I got them in of those craft stores...can't remember the name.

Yeah, they've been inappropriately sitting in a drawer in my dining room china closet. But that's where I know where they are.

LC said...

So that's what the bumps are for on the f and j. Always noticed them there but never really thought about why.

Dymphna said...

Yep. Typing in the dark. Or, with your eyes closed. Or, while looking at the draft copy, or the professor.

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