Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Saint Joseph, Pray for us!

I'm feeling led to pray for families lately. There are so many families under attack right now. Everyone is feeling strain of one sort or another.

Saint Joseph is the patron saint of families, workers, selling houses and a happy death. All, believe it or not, that touch me in one way or another right now, and many others besides.

Saint Joseph was the protector and head of the Holy Family, and as such, intercedes before God for all families on earth. He is the model of persistence, trust in the Lord, and hearing His voice. His legacy is not one of words, but one of deeds.

Let us pray that he protects us and our loved ones during these challenging times .
Saint Joseph, spouse of the Virgin Mary, protect all those families who are looking for a means to sustain themselves. Show those looking for work, God's will for them and give them patience in their search. Guide those looking for housing, as well as those looking to sell their home, so that they find each other. Watch over those close to death, their families and caregivers. Help them see God's Presence at the side of their loved ones.

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