Tuesday, December 30, 2008

RIP Kathy Staff

Kathy Staff, long time British actress who played Nora Batty on "Last of the Summer Wine", has died at the age of 80. Her colleague, Bill Owen, who played Compo on the same long running series, passed away in 1999.

I found this beautiful tribute on YouTube. Apparently, the two had made a recording together as Nora and Compo. There is also a beautiful rendition by Owen of the Last of the Summer Wine lyrics read over the theme music for the show.

Enjoy life while it lasts, folks.


Cygnus said...

I like that show because it reminds me of the three years I spent in Yorkshire when I was a kid.

I also find it interesting that, with Britcoms, the same people write and direct just about every episode of every show. Roy Clarke (no, not the Hee Haw guy) wrote not only Last of the Summer Wine, but Keeping Up Appearances.

Cygnus said...

^ I meant the same director directs every episode, and the same writer writes every episode.

Dymphna (4HisChurch) said...

You lived in Yorkshire?! I didn't know that.

I think the consistent quality of the Britcoms comes from keeping the same writers and directors, and also from the fact that they do fewer shows per season than we do.

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