Sunday, May 18, 2008

Praise God!!! Morgan update

Here is the news from Morgan's mom:

She had an echo today and we got the results a few hours ago (around 2:30 pm.) Her heart's function at the last echo on Wednesday was at 17%. NOT good. (It was 5% last Sunday to give you an idea.) it's at 39%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And the average person is considered to have "normal" function at 30%. Her heart is NORMAL!!!!!! No one expected that much improvement. It is truly a miracle.

I am so thrilled I can hardly believe it all. And so incredibly relieved. The plan is to get her drain tube out tomorrow since there is very little fluid reaccumulating and most likely go HOME on Monday. We will have follow ups with her cardio pretty regularly for a while. I haven't specifically asked yet, but I'm pretty sure this means that transplant is not a consideration anymore.

Praise His holy and perfect name!!!!!


Marilena said...

praise God indeed!

Jackie Parkes said...

Would you mind updating your link to my new blog? Many thanks..

AutumnRose said...

Praising God here too! That's wonderful news :)

Dymphna (4HisChurch) said...

Done, Jackie!

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