Friday, May 16, 2008

Famous Deaths

Today in history, many influential people passed away into eternity.

1984 - Andy Kaufman, comedian (Latka-Taxi), dies of cancer at 35

1985 - Margaret Hamilton, actress (Wicked Witch-Wizard of Oz), dies at 82

1990 - Jim Henson, puppeteer (Sesame Street, Muppet Show), dies at 53

1990 - Sammy Davis Jr, singer/actor, dies at 64

May they rest peace.

This is shamelessly stolen from The Catholic Guy on Sirius Radio.


Santiago Chiva de Agustín said...

Probably you know the Youtube video “May feelings”. Young students of Universities of Madrid say reasons pray the holy rosary. (in Spanish, with english subtitles)
See it:
It is one of the most watched videos on Youtube in May.

Santiago (Granada, Spain)

Jennifer said...

I remember when the Muppets guy died. Does that make me old? Or am I old because I remember the Muppets?

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