Thursday, October 25, 2007

Pray for California

Please pray for all those affected by the fires in California. So many people have been made homeless by these horrible fires. Pray, too, for the fire fighters and rescue workers.

Saint Florian was a third century Roman officer, who served in Austria and who was said to have put out a fire in a town by throwing just one bucket of water on it. After being ordered to execute a group of Christians, he refused and professed his own faith. He was cruelly martyred by being scourged, half-flayed alive, set on fire, and thrown into the river Enns.

Oh, Saint Florian, beg Our Lord to intervene in the fires that are raging in California, and draw all people there under the protective mantle of Our Lady.


Divine Mercy said...

i said my Chaplet of Divine Mercy yesterday for them. and its very caring of you to offer prayers for those who desperately need it!

SuzyQ said...

I have family in California.
Thankyou for this post.
God Bless

Dymphna (4HisChurch) said...

Oh my goodness, Suzy! I hope they are ok!

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