Wednesday, July 18, 2007

An interesting day!

I don't get to tell "amusing toddler stories" anymore, but I get to tell "amusing 80-something stories" now.

Today, one of my tasks at my mom's house was to convince my 80 year old aunt that the red lights in the back of her car are normal, belong there, and have been there since she got the car.

And, yes. She is still driving.


Cygnus said...

That was HER?! =:-O

4HisChurch said...


rebecca said...

HAHA... soooooo many stories...

diana said...

Yes I could tell a few about aging relatives!

Rachi said...

that's a bit scary!!

I posted this for St Elijah's feast day- thought you might like the Troparion and Icon

God Bless

4HisChurch said...

Rachel--thanks so much for your link! Are you Byzantine or Orthodox Catholic?

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