Sunday, June 03, 2007

Tiny Catholic Rant

Just a little senseless mini-rant. There is a saint in the Catholic Church. Her name is Saint Therese of Lisieux. tells us that the correct pronunciation of her name is Thé·rèse de Li·sieux (tā-rĕz' də lē-zyœ')

Just for your information and edification, it is NOT pronounced Luhsoo, or Luhsue.


End of rant from a Catholic who took French in High School.

Hat tip to Lifeisgreat for reminding me to link an audio pronunciation of St. Therese's name! Click here to hear it yourself!


Anonymous said...

Thankyou 4HisChurch:)

I was not raised in any religion and though I got Therese right I was not pronouncing Lisieux correctly.

I love her dearly and she is one of my favourite Saints. Many thanks for helping those NOT raised Catholic to pronounce the wording correctly.

Yours in Christ,


Staying in Balance said...

You're welcome, Marie! I honestly don't think its a Catholic thing, really, as much as a French thing!

Rachi said...

St Therese is my confirmation Saint, I have always referred to her as "the Little flower" to avoid stumbling over the pronunciation!

my french is utterly atrocious :)

thanks for clearing that up for me (and I am guessing many others!)

God Bless
love Rachel

Staying in Balance said...

You're welcome, Rachel! The Little Flower is one of my favorite saints too.

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