Monday, June 04, 2007

Tea Room

We have at least three (that I know of) tea rooms in Gettysburg. There is one that just changed hands and while I've been inside the physically much-improved tea room and store recently, I haven't taken tea there since the change.

I did, however, take tea at The Rose Room Tea Parlor on Steinwehr Avenue today. I decided not to wait until either of the men in my household could be dragged there. I had popped in on Memorial Day while taking in the parade and the owner of the tea room encouraged me to take tea by myself one day. So, today, I did just that.

What an enjoyable experience! The small tea room, situated inside Patriot Point Village in Gettysburg, has an ambiance all its own. Quite a contrast from the surrounding primitive country and 19th century military paraphernalia that surrounds it, the Rose Room just oozes Victorian femininity.

The tables are beautifully set with china and table cloths that center around a color theme. I had the place to myself and enjoyed looking closely at all the beautiful table settings.

I ordered a "cream tea" which consisted of a wonderfully warm scone with cream and lemon curd, some delicious finger sandwiches, including one that was asparagus wrapped in filo dough, and one pot of tea. The tea I chose, is apparently a favorite of many--English Toffee. With two lumps of sugar, it was heavenly!

So, this tea room goes on my favorites list. I'll definitely be back!

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