Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Summer Time Reading

I wanted to continue to encourage all of you out there to take part in the Catholic Summer Reading Program hosted by Aquinas and More. I went to my local Catholic bookstore to purchase my long-awaited favorite on the list, Those Terrible Middle Ages.

Well, they had sold out, so I ended up buying a book that is on the top 64 finalist list from the reading program--Lay Siege to Heaven, a novel about Saint Catherine of Siena. It looks excellent, and I will update you as I read it.

Another "must-have" book on the list is Grunt Padre, a book about a Marine Corps chaplain during the Vietnam War. DH, who really loves to read about the Vietnam era, would really like this book, I think.

So, check out the Summer Reading Program and get involved!


Anonymous said...

A number of those books look quite interesting. I'm wondering if the
Bible is on the approved summer reading program ? :)

Staying in Balance said...

Well, its probably on their list of "100 books every parish should have"!

Anonymous said...

We don't approve of reading the Bible during the summer. It tends to weigh too much in your luggage. ;)

Staying in Balance said...

LOL, Ian! Some of those books (on the 64 book list, anyway) are quite big!

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