Friday, March 09, 2007

RIP John Inman

John Inman, British actor of "Are You Being Served" fame, dies at the age of 71.

May he rest in peace


Craig said...

Oh! So sad! John Inman. Wow.

Staying in Balance said...

Yeah. He was a great comedian. I miss my Britcoms! :P

mk said...

i know! how sad! as a fag hag and a fan of brit coms----i will really miss him. for those who dont approve of my being a fag hag--gay men dont hit on me/ignore me --- and i dont particularly run from them in fear--hence i have been called by that name. i do like his joyuex de vivre. sorry if its miss spelled-- i'm laid up with a broken arm/shoulder and can only use one hand

Staying in Balance said...

Knowing, as I do, your gender, I don't immagine that many gay men would hit on you!

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