Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Link clean up

I've finally gotten around to arranging my links. They are now in categories: Catholic (western), Byzantine and Orthodox Catholic, Poetry and Tea. All the Byzantine links are new for this blog.

Ancient Faith Radio is a free internet Orthodox radio ministry--absolutely beautiful music and reflections.

Byzantine Ramblings and Musings from a Twilight World are both Byzantine priest's blogs.

Crazy Acres is a blog by a Byzantine homeschooling mom and iconographer.

Our last Byzantine blog (so far!) is Square Zero, written by Eric Scheidler, a Byzantine, cyclist, web designer and father of 7.

The rest are basic Byzantine info pages of various types.

May God use them for His glory and our edification.


mk said...

wooooooooooooooaaaaa! WAY TO GO---I KNOW CLEAN UP IS QUITE A PENANCE FOR YOU. hope you keep the news links permanent--very well arranged

Staying in Balance said...

Thanks. I intend to keep the news links--until something happens and they all disapear, LOL!

Cleaning my HOUSE would be a much bigger penance than cleaning up my blog links!

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