Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Such a winter's day

A little California Dreamin' (on such a winter's day).


Saint Peter's helpers said...

Funny how the dancers to just popped out quite so suddenly! :)

4HisChurch said...

And the dancing seems to have absolutely nothing to do with the music! :)

Anonymous said...

dd says, "Why the bathtubs?" LOL

LifeisgreatTAC said...

sorry, anonymous is really me this time. It's hard to type when dd is looking over my shoulder wanting to order a new tamagotchi off the internet. LOL

4HisChurch said...

Hey, it was the '60's. Things didn't have to make sense! :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for that. I needed that:)

Carmel said...

It's a very easy listening tune, especially on a winters day!
Great new look to the blog btw and nice red dress on the cartoon!

4HisChurch said...

Thanks, Carmel!

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