Sunday, February 04, 2007

Housekeeping Alphabet Meme

Angela Messenger has a housekeeping meme on her site.

Aprons – Y/N?
I don't think I own any aprons any more. My mom used to have a beautiful one with red roses on it. I did have one when I was first married that said, "For this I spent 4 years in college?" on it.

Baking – Favorite thing to bake:
I like baking my apple custard pie. I also bake Easter bread every year.

Clothesline – Y/N?
I've always had clothes lines. For quite a long time, it was the only way I dried clothes.

Donuts – Have you ever made them?
No. My grandmother made them for Shrove Tuesday, though.

One homemaking thing you do every day
I second Angela on this one: Does flushing the toilet count?

Freezer – Do you have a separate deep freeze?

Garbage Disposal – Y/N?
Another good quote from Angela: Well, I do have a dog....

Handbook – What is your favorite homemaking resource?
I do like my Betty Crocker cookbook. It has the basics in it that I never remember, like exactly how long to boil and egg so that it comes out hard boiled as opposed to soft boiled. Does anyone eat soft boiled eggs anymore?

Ironing – Love it or hate it?

Hate it. Hate it. Hate it.

Junk drawer – Y/N? Where is it?
My entire computer room is a junk drawer.

Kitchen: Design & Decorating?
Blue and yellow. Blue walls. Creamy yellow cabinets sponged with bright yellow on top.

Love: What is your favorite part of homemaking?
There's a favorite part of homemaking?!?

Mop - Y/N?
I dry mop my house because we are almost rug-free at this point. I have to wet mop the kitchen and bathroom. I eagerly await the day when I no longer have a WHITE kitchen floor. (What were the original owners thinking?!?)

Nylons - Wash by hand or in the washing machine?
By hand. But I try really hard not to wear them much anymore.

Oven - Do you use the window, or open the door to check?

Pizza - What do you put on yours?

Personally, I like the "boingy" things like mushrooms, olives, etc. Lots of cheese.

Quiet - What do you do during the day when you get a quiet moment?
Drink tea. Read. Do my blog.

Recipe card box - Y/N?

I actually have quite a few. Some of them were given to me by my late mil who was a fabulous cook.

Style of house -

Small rancher.

Tablecloths and napkins - Y/N?
I used to do table cloths when my table was square. Now that the dining room table I have is round and has tiles on the top, so I don't feel that I need a table cloth anymore.

Under the kitchen sink - Organized or toxic wasteland?
Definitely toxic waste.

Vacuum - How many times per week?
My almost rug-free house means I can mostly do mopping of one type or the other.

Wash - How many loads of laundry do you do a week?
About 3.

X's - Do you keep a daily list of things to do and cross them off?
I will often write my list either on my calendar in the kitchen, or on my phone.

Yard - Who does what?
DH says that is his thing.

Zzz's - What is your last homemaking task for the day before going to bed?
Brushing my teeth. I count that as personal housework.

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