Sunday, December 31, 2006

Spiritual News Year's Resolutions

I've decided to do some spiritual New Year's resolutions. Those are the best kind, imo.

1. Go to daily Mass, daily, if possible.
2. Keep up with the daily morning and evening prayer through Magnificat Magazine.
3. To remember to thank God before meals.
4. To use daily opportunities to pray--seeing an ambulance pass by, or a car accident.
Edited to add:
5. To abstain from meat on Fridays.
(This "rule" is still on the books, folks. All Vatican II did, was to add the option of doing another act of penance in place of abstaining from meat. Since I often don't eat meat anyway, it is difficult for me to remember to make sure that's on a Friday, but I'm going to try.)


Anonymous said...

I think your blog is interesting. As an adpotive mom I deal with mental health issues on a day to day basis. I'm also a PA girl...born and raised! Lived there for 35 years before moving to Minnesota over 9.5 years ago.

I subscribe to the Magnifcat..and I hope in 2007 that I use it more often in my prayer life. You are inspiring me to seek St. Dymphna's help this coming year too!

I'll be putting a link on my sidebar too, 4HisChurch.

Have A Blessed 2007.

Anonymous said...

Oops...I see I spelled 'adoptive' wrong. Yikes!

4HisChurch said...

Hey, Jayne! My dh is adopted. Adoption is a wonderful gift from God. Thanks for stopping by!

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